Arborist Consultation

A-1 Expert Tree Service Inc. and California Consulting Arborists provide consulting and related services throughout Central California and occasionally out of state or overseas.

We offer the following horticultural services:

  1. Safety evaluations and recommendations to prevent tree and limb breakage for the protection of trees and prevention of damage to property and injury to persons.
  2. Horticultural consulting for common problems – insect pests, diseases, nutritional, and abiotic problems.
  3. Arborist reports for cities, H.O.A.’s, and other entities requiring them.
  4. Arborist supervision of tree trimming or tree removal operations when and where required.
  5. Arborist reports and expert witness services for the resolution of neighbor disputes relating to trees, over-hanging tree branches, tree roots, and other neighbor issues. We also provide reports and expert witness services with regards to trip and fall accidents and criminal negligence cases.
  6. Tree appraisal (tree valuation) and expert witness services when damage or destruction/death of your trees has occurred from accidents (such as cars striking trees, fires, gas leaks (PG&E)) or intentional criminal damage of trees. We provide valuations for home owners, insurance companies or other parties as needed.
  7. We provide soil testing and scientific tree feeding based on soil needs and tree requirements for optimal growth and health..
  8. We provide training and offer classes in ornamental pruning, bucket truck-aerial lift operation and safety training for individuals, corporations, universities and government entities.

Mr. Curt Blank, our company founder and president has been a horticultural consultant, consulting arborist, and industry leader for more than 30 years. Mr. Blank has a M.S. degree in Plant Science, with a specialty in tree nutrition and a B.S. degree in Horticulture. He is a lecturer, consultant, appraiser, climber trainer, instructor of ornamental pruning, and expert witness in tree care. He has provided horticultural consulting and related services out of state and occasionally overseas.